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Science Communicator (Remote)

Preferable Location: Kraków   |   Part Time

Omni Calculator is looking for a part-time or full-time Science Communicator who loves to show people the beauty of science! You will be working primarily on spreading the word about our tools to educators and science journalists.

Omni Calculator exists to give you a superpower - to see the world through the lens of science. We built 1800+ custom calculators which take only seconds to use and give you precisely the numbers you need. Our calculators clock over 20 million visits per month and have received publications in top-grade titles such as: The New York Times, National Geographic, IFL Science,, and HowStuffWorks. 

Our team consists of almost 40 people from 10 countries. Our office is located in the middle of the Kraków Old Town, but we also offer this position for candidates from outside of Kraków as a remote job.

What will you do at Omni Calculator?

  • Research and choose topics for calculators that combine science and entertainment, such as the Alien Civilization Calculator or the Helium Balloons Calculator

  • Work together with other team members on building these calculators (the building process is fairly easy to learn)

  • Translate scientific principles and discoveries into captivating stories 

  • Write high-quality texts for various target groups 

  • Search for journalists, educators, bloggers and scientists who will be interested in our tools

  • Write effective email pitches about our calculators

  • Build and maintain positive relationships with educators and science journalists

  • Run fast-paced projects on newsworthy and trendy topics (sometimes we build and promote a calculator in one day!)

We’re looking for you if you…

  • Are passionate about science and educating, and have a certain degree of expertise in your area (physics, mathematics, finance, medicine, or science in general). 

  • Have the spirit of a storyteller - you’re able to explain even the most difficult scientific topics in an engaging and understandable way.

  • Like teaching and helping people. 

  • Are excited at the thought of communicating scientific discoveries to the general public and giving interviews for the media. 

  • Have an excellent command of the English language (at least C1 level, both speaking and writing). 

  • Have good self-organization and time management skills.

  • Are eager to learn new things, constantly improve, and find ways to do your job even better. 

  • The thought of learning the basics of coding (JavaScript) doesn’t scare you. 

  • Are able to regularly commit to at least 24 hours of work per week (especially on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays). You can decide your own working hours, but keep them predictable.

Nice to have (but not required)

  • Experience in content writing or copywriting.

  • Experience in popularizing science, teaching, etc.

  • Experience in PR, blogging, journalism etc. 

  • Unique interests that can be turned into calculators :D


  • Ability to work fully remotely.

  • A beautiful office in the old town of Kraków (Karmelicka 14/7, Kraków).

  • An international team (almost 40 people from 10 countries).

Salary & Employment

The base salary is 4130 PLN gross per month. This amount is for a full-time engagement (168 h per month), proportionally less if you work part-time. It may be a bit higher if you live in a country with higher costs of living. If you live outside of Poland, you will need to be able to send us an invoice.

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Choose one of our calculators: either the Wallpaper Calculator or the Electricity Cost Calculator.

Write a new lead for the article accompanying this calculator (100-200 words) - one that is more interesting for the reader. Make sure that your lead covers the answers to the following questions:

  1. Why is it important to talk about this topic right now? Come up with a good reason.

  2. Who is this topic relevant for?

  3. What problem does our tool help to solve? What questions does it answer?

For examples of interesting leads, see our Plant Spacing Calculator or the Walking Calorie Calculator.

Teaching and explaining

Record a short, simple video (up to 2 minutes) in which you explain an abstract scientific concept. Make your explanation as practical and based on real-life examples as possible; try to build an engaging story around this abstract topic.

(Example: you can explain the idea of slope using a story about a sleigh ride.)

Your target audience will be teenagers and young adults - not very knowledgeable on the subject; make sure to use simple and understandable language.

Pick one of the following topics:

  1. Slope of a line
  2. Compound interest
  3. Arc length
  4. Free fall
  5. Wavelength
  6. BMR (basal metabolic rate)
  7. Cholesterol ratio
  8. Profit margin
  9. Percentages

Almost there!

What calculators that combine SCIENCE and FUN would you add to our collection? Think about calculators such as the Chilled Drink Calculator, the Helium Balloons Calculator, the Vampire Apocalypse Calculator, or the Snowman Calculator.